Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Welcome to Lent 2017

Blest are you to receive this little book.
Lent is a time to repent and turn to God.
Lenten People is a way to re-turn to God daily in prayer.
Take time to read one page a day
and listen as the words speak to your heart
and resonates within your soul.
Make this time special.
Start your day by giving five minutes to read, reflect,
and repeat back to God what touched you
in a sacred or profound way.
Carry the message with you
and return to God throughout the day to visit.
Give up of your time
and lovingly give it back to God in prayer and reflection.
Listen for the whisper within your heart
to guide you daily on your Lenten Journey
as you begin your spiritual walk as one of the Lenten People. 

Ash Wednesday

Gracious and merciful am I your God.
Return to Me with your whole heart.
In the greatness of My compassion
I will wash you thoroughly from all your guilt
cleansing all sins you acknowledge with repentance.
I will purify your soul darkened by sin
with the beauty of My healing light of love.
Come to Me in prayer.
It pleases Me to bless you with the abundance of My grace.
In the secret of your heart we can visit.

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